Mobile development with a passion!

At Rocko Labs, we love apps! We started out with a couple of university projects and now we design and develop apps professionally for a number of large clients. If you want to create a beautiful app experience, talk to us...

Just Apps

At Rocko Labs, we only work on apps so you can be sure we know what we are doing. While our developers maintain a healthy interest in a wide range of computing fields, we are all mobile developers at heart. We know how to structure and execute applications that will leave users amazed.

Pixel Perfect Design

Our development process starts with the design of the application, and every stage includes refinement. We understand that when it comes to mobile applications, users expect slick interfaces. We design our apps to ensure our users are always comfortable and can navigate with ease.

High Quality Development

We never take shortcuts! Our developers have been trained in the best practices and models of development. We are not programmers, we are engineers. We understand that poorly written programs will only last so long, and endeavour to only produce software we are proud to put our name on.